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Mara Kelland is a folksinger/harpist/pianist and more from Auckland, New Zealand. This is where she shares bits and pieces.
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You haven’t seen me for a while

Well, I saw the local library was having a competition. You can win tickets - two of them - to go see the national theatre company production of War Horse based on the novel by Michael Morprgo.

To win, said the blurb, you had to email the website team and tell them who you would take to the show. So easy! Almost too easy.

I am obsessing about taking pictures at the moment. I didn’t know you can get lenses and tripods for your iDivices. I thought a tripod would be possible but not lenses. How great! So I ordered the remote shutter and tripod for my iPhone from Only $25 approx. And that’s cool because one does not have to hold the phone so it shakes when one snaps the shots. Easy! Should have it in a week or two.

Judy Collins sings a song from the 80’s. The clip is from then but the song has been rerecorded for her current live album set for a March 18th release.

Pete Seeger [1919-2014] is probably the greatest influence on my musical development as a folksinger. Collins has taught me how to sing but Seeger has taught me how to be [if that makes sense].

He was the first folksinger I ever heard - I was 5 - seems a long time ago now. I came home from school and asked my Dad if he knew “To Everything” [“Turn Turn Turn”]. He took out an LP of Seeger’s 1963 album, “The Bitter and the Sweet”. I was in love immediately. The record had Abiyoyo on it as well. I loved Seeger’s animation, his way with kids, the way he includes everybody in his concerts.

I try to emulate him. “If I can make you laugh that’s great,” I tell my audiences, “But if I can make you sing…that’s even better!”

The dream so many people talk about, the woodstock dream is here, an aspiration still. On a1985 collaboration between Ronnie Gilbert, Holly Near, Arlo Guthrie and Pete,”HARP: A Time to Sing” Arlo Guthrie says that the dream is doing stuff in your own hometown. “That’s where the dream is!” And I believe that. And that is what Pete stood for. He made that dream become reality as best he could with his environmentalism and other activism.

And so it must be, it’s up to us young folks now. We will only have the luminaries for so long - their time is finite. And here at the bottom of the world I shall try to learn as much as I can and you can too wherever you are.

Pancake caravan at Pokeno.

I see a ministry has grown up around the story of this child. Interesting….

A few years ago I noticed a book, “Heaven Is For Real” was a bestseller on Audible. In it the father of a four-year-old boy had written down his son’s visions of Heaven. Apparently nobody is blind and nobody wears glasses.

First let me say that heaven is definitely real. furthermore, I do not mean to bible bash anybody - I despise bible bashers.

Let’s first talk about whatHeaven is not. It is not as some fundamentalist christians would have us believe a courtroom for if God is all-loving he will treat us very gently when we get there.

Personally I believe there is no Hell - Boyd C. Purcell in his books says that Hell is the garbage dump, the place where the dead go to be cleansed. therefore everybody will end up in Heaven eventually as we are all God’s children.

Heaven Is For Real I personally think could become in the hands of the wrong person, an exploitation of a child’s Spiritual Talents. Though interesting, we cannot take it as gosspel. I pity the child who will potentially grow out of his spiritual abilities. I wonder what has happened to him now. I am going to look.

My Life from Mara Kelland on Vimeo.

This is a photo montage from 1988-present. I was a premmature baby and there are photos of my graduation etc.

Moss plays ball with Steve from Mara Kelland on Vimeo.

Moss, a wire-haired fox terrier, plays ball with his master in December 2012.