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Mara Kelland is a folksinger/harpist/pianist and more from Auckland, New Zealand. This is where she shares bits and pieces.
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Hello to all on tumblr- That’s a sign I really have nothing to say when I start with that. For isn’t a blog s’posed to be a column? A column doesn’t have hellos in it, does it?

I am rather busy teaching piano and . training to get better.

Interestingly this month, June 2014, is audio Month on audio boo. It’s a time, kinda like NAWRIMO but, but instead of writing novels in a month people post audio every day for a month. Have been helping people out setting up Tumblrlogs and stuff to do with IOS.

But now to the point, I think tv is so stupid. Specially Police 10-7. Police 10-7 for those who don’t know is a show in Aus/NZ that is about the cops and what they do and why, sometimes why. Mostly it’s about drunken people or noise control incidents which the police break up. The funniest part is that they edit out all the cursing and swearing particularly the F-word but they didn’t edit out the C-word which I think is even worse.

Have also been discovering which is kinda cool. I have catalogued on it all my adult reading material and some I have borrowed from the libraryy. Have rated a lot of it but not written reviews…yet.

A stormy day

I have some great news! I have 5 piano students and all are progressing okay.

This month of June is AudioMo over on audio boo - a bunch of people posting audioblogs for month every day. I decided to do it this year and am in a day late.

In other news Di Brown, my friend from up north, came down here for the weekend and we made lots of music, shopped and had fun!

That’s about it for this post. Hope everybody is well!

Courtesy of Time Magazine, the top 10 books of all time. I have attempted to read most of this stuff but not all.

Lovers Knot [From the musical Lovers] from Mara Kelland on Vimeo.

I sing the song by Jay Ansill and Anne Hills. Shot very primitively on a cell phone a few years ago.

Four Green Fields: An Irish Song from Mara Kelland on Vimeo.

Thought to be traditional, it was actually written by the late Tommy Makem in 1967. It has been recorded sundry times. This is my version shot primitively on a cell phone by my mother a few years ago.

I see I have a SoundCloud hit. It’s had about 60 plays and is by Eric Bogel. It’s an old song called And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda.

It is my pleasure to sing the stuff of generations that has been recorded thousands of times. I am not a songwriter though I do compose occasionally. I am a folksinger. And it’s great fun!

There are so many great songs to sing.

Judy Henske is a friend so maybe I am biased making a magazine about her. She is a hunky person with a lot to say. I am just trying to get all the info in one convenient place so folks don’t have to trawl google for it.

I discovered something cool yesterday while I was looking for a Tumblr app. It’s called flipboard.

The description on the App Store says it is your own personal magazine and that’s about right. It works by adding content you choose to little magazines. But the thing I like most about it is that you can see all the content coming from your social networks. It’s very cool!


10 Things to Know about Tumblr Usernames.


10 Things to Know about Tumblr Usernames.