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Mara Kelland is a folksinger/harpist/pianist and more from Auckland, New Zealand. This is where she shares bits and pieces.
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Got an email yesterday saying that the movie is finished. This is great news but more on that later.

I have just discovered that Joanne Harris [author of Chocolat etc] has a tumblr. What’s more she has interesting things to say on it. check it out at Interesting news is coming from her corner - was just looking at her website.

Weather is growing colder which means the darker months are ahead. I also have had a lot of uni work going on - trying to write an essay on Eric Erikson, not much fun

“But the movie,” you say, “Talk about the movieā€¦” I will. Simply to say I was asked to play a fictional blind person who just happens to bare my name.

A wee while ago Noelle McCarthy, an Irish broadcaster and columnist for the Herald here in New Zealand, published a 200 words of nothingness in the newspaper. So now it’s my turn.

Not much is happening right now.. Seven more sleeps before I get to California! I am very much looking forward to my trip there and will blog about it and make

The aforementioned Noelle Mccarthy was on the radio this morning. She has a nice voice. She was talking to theauthor of a book about the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden which she said exposed the shady operations of the CIA. Sickeningly I really want to read it! >

One of the best books I ever read was Revolution Day: The Human Story of the War in Iraq by Rageh Ommar, the BBC’s man in baghdad who is from Somalia. It’s an awesome read if you can get it.

Lastly a little piece of interesting news is is due for release later this month. Many in the blind communtity including this author are very excited about it. In research studies blind participants have typed up to 23 words a minute in Grade 1 Braille. It sounds as if it’ll be a lot faster than the iPhone keyboard. People are predicting a HUGE hit and I can’t wait to try it.

Now I am borrowing Uni Wifi as I have paid for it and never use it. I am listening to E type and i think of some random things.

* Why is it that he and me always end up here together? This place is usually amad house on Wednesday.
* Why the hell did I manage to get so lost on Queen st today?
* Why is that V at Fraser McDonald likes Chattanooga Choo-Choo so much? [this one deserves a whole blog entry in itself.]

I want more people to follow me on tumblr but don’t reckon I’ll get it with shit like this.